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Black cat systems macintosh shareware and freeware, specializing in educational, scientific, health, ham radio, and entertainment software black cat systems offers a variety of software programs and products, representing the diverse talents and interests of its developers. Hamscope hamscope is a freeware windows multimode communications package for amateur radio that supports. Take the audio output of one piece of software and send it to another. Simpel ham to pc interface by sergei podstrigailo, ua9ov. Multipsk, microham usb interface iii and dxlab suite. Free, secure and fast windows ham radio software downloads from the largest open source applications and software directory. Just connect your android phone or tablet to an hf radio or even set it next to the radios speaker, tune on to an sstv frequency, and watch the pictures scroll onto the screen. Soundmodem is compatible with all programs that work with the agw packet engine agwpe. The most simple modem mozhna to collect from popular parts literally in half an hour and about use popular software it will be.

Functional, but with problems on newer version of os xmacos. In its lite mode its all the software many packet users may ever need, and its free. Compare the best free open source windows ham radio software at sourceforge. The software is called agwpe, which is a software client or interface layer which interfaces the soundcard to applications which usually require a tnc.

Audio and multimedia the actual developer of the free software is dk5ur. Sound card interfacing for rtty, psk31, and sstv iw5edi. Support cw and several digital modes like psk31, mfsk, rtty, olivia, wefax, hell and others and is a fully multi platform application jlog. Software for other modes, as well as mac software, can be downloaded from our signalink software page. For the cw enthusiast, digital master interfaces with the popular k1el winkeyer. Wolphilink uses a 6 pin mini din jack to connect a cable to a radio and a 4 pin 3. Fec, cw andor other digital modes software wich use the soundcard input, no other hardware required. Droidpsk psk for ham radio sstv easypal and mmsstv. Rtty, cw, fax, sstv, psk psk31, q and bpsk, synopdecoder, 3d scanner and sattracking. You may need to adjust the soundcard volume, input volume on the software. Ham digi modes for pocket pc digi modes mit pocket pc. Rigblaster the rigblaster connects your radio to your computers sound card. Ham radio deluxe amateur radio digital mode software.

Packet engine is a special windows utility for amateur radio packet users that interfaces multiple packet programs and multiple tncs terminal node controllers modems. Truetty can also transfer received characters to another program and get text to transmit from other software by using the dxsoftex. Client software for users of the automatic packet reporting. The navigator completely connects a ham radio transceiver to your personal computer. It has convenient interface, a good set of tools, and is fast and very easy to use. These are amateur radio applications that are not packaged in debian. Naast ssb en cw ontvangst kunnen we tegenwoordig ook digitale modes. Digital communications software i find useful along with a brief summary. Rtty programs, software for ham radio rtty emission mode category is a curation of 23 web resources on, extfsk by mm hamsoft, mmtty mm hamsoft, gmfsk. Sstv slow scan tv is one of the few ways to send and receive images from all over the world via radio. Multimode cw rtty sstv fax morse psk31 acars sitor. An external sound card or sound card interface is highly recommended. Know of any good software or hardware which other mac ham radio users should know about. Mortty is a kit created by steve smith, n8ar, and larry gauthier, k8ut, that utilizes tinyfsk.

The software tnc uses the agw packet engine api and emulates the agw packet engine tcp interface in operation. Hiscan sstv software for viewport vga interface leif oz2lw. Er bestaan tientallen verschillende modes waaronder rtty, hell, psk31. Compatible with dxbase logic 7 rylogit trxmanager yplog. Truetty interfaces with logger software via inifiles and windows messages. Grig is a freeware simple ham radio control cat program based on the ham radio control libraries hamlib. Multimode allows you to decode and transmit morse code cw, rtty, fax, sstv, sitorb, navtex, packet, acars, psk31, ale, and many. Mixw will do amtor modeb fec send and receive with a soundcard. Timewave navigator sound card modem the navigator is a complete usb sound card modem featuring a proven usb audio sound card chip, six ftdi usb serial com ports, a k1el cw winkeyer, true fsk rtty and rig control connections for every radio. Agwpe will run winaprs and several other packet software programs.

A large list of ham radio digital mode software and sources to get them with descriptions of each. It decodes one signal at a time other programs decode multiple signals, but i still keep going back to mixw often. Decodes cw, rtty, wefax, satfax, acars, dtmf, sstv fldigi fldigi freeware digital multi mode program for linux, freebsd, macos x and ms windows. Works with a host mode tnc, flexnet, agwpe or telnet. Operate easily and effectively with traditional digital modes like rtty, psk31, olivia and sstv. Sstv works similarly to a fax machine where the image is displayed line by line from top to bottom and left to right until the entire image appears. Handbook met schemas van interfaces om bijna alle type. Roy1 sstv for w95 from fontana software ik8bza sc70 color slow scan tv converter. Cw, psk, mfsk, rtty, hell, dominoex, olivia, and throb are all supported. Ham radio cat, psk31, ft8, jt9 and jt65 interfaces yaesu. Tigertronics in no way endorses or supports any of the programs listed here. Soundcard interface withtone keyer for psk31, sstv, rtty. Test your sstv receiving software and see how tolerant it is to the noise, soundcard calibraion errors, receiver frequency offset, etc.

Additional applications for sat tracking, logging, locator referencing and antenna computation are also included. Paxon new packet radio generation software made in germany. Sstv frequencies everything you need to know cw touch. Wolphilink interface wolphi mobile software development. Simple radio ptt to computer interface circuits sstv, psk31, rtty, cw. This page contains links to many different programs that can be used with the signalink interface.

It is the easy and modern way to get on the air with psk31, sstv, rtty, amtor, packet, cw, contest voice keying, hscw meteor scatter, and other new modes. Digital master uses your computers soundcard interface and radio connection to offer a wide range of communications options to the amateur radio operator. Mixw32 for psk31 supports psk31, rtty, cw, packet, contesting. Picture packet a windows9598nt control program for terminal node controllers. The most common application for packet data is for aprs automatic packet. Join the fun and make contacts with stations that you might never hear on ssb or cw using the exciting digital modes from wsjtx such as ft8, ft4 or jt9 on hf and jt4, jt65, msk144 for vhf, meteor scatter or moonbounce. Radioraft radioraft decodes 10 different arq modes, 8 different fec modes, packet, baudot, cw. Radio amateurs best asset, rig and rotor control, logging, digital modes, and satellite. A very clomplete ham radio software collection for sstv, fax, and wx weather fax and weather satellites weather fax for windows hardware and software. Iss packet communications requires a 5100 watt 2 meter or 440 mhz fm xcvr. The above circuit is recommended for use in sstv applications with use of the sound card with a computer.

The most simple radiomodem for cw, rtty, sstv, amtor. Ham radio deluxe is the worlds most popular ham radio software. Just plug nf output from the receiver into the soundcard input. We have compiled this list only to help you in locating programs that are known to work with sound card interfaces. Sstv, sitorb, navtex, packet, acars, psk31, ale, and more without any extra hardware. Support radio control interface for several icom, tentec, kenwood, and yaesu transceivers. You can use any soundcard as dual port tnc for packet. Mixw just about every digital mode possible plus sstv packet too. Droidsstv supports the modes scottie 1, scottie 2, scottie dx, martin 1, and martin 2 at this time. Once these calibrations are applied to the software, no changes fldigi is a software modem for amateur radio use. Digitale betriebsarten mit soundcard im amateurfunk. Software control for icom radios with civ interface. Modtager cw, bpsk31, qpsk31, fsk31, rtty, packet hfvhf, pactor, amtor fec, mfsk, hellschreiber, throb, fax, sstv, mt63.

Tinyfsk is an ingenious fsk interface created by andrew flowers, k0sm, utilizing arduino or arduinocompatible boards and supported by major logging programs like writelog, n1mm, and dxlabs. An interface will also provide 1 an easy way to adjust sound levels, 2 isolation of computer sounds, 3 isolation of stray rf, and 4 a simplified way to configure an external ptt circuit. It can also be used with other software for aprs, bbs, satellite packet, and regular packet work. Multimode is a sharewareware digital modes software package for the. Of course, all my software, old and new, is included in the low package price that. Multimode is a sharewareware digital modes software package for the macintosh, transmitting and receiving cw,rtty,sitor,fax, sstv,acars,psk31 and more. Ham radio digital modes software list and descriptions. This kind of interface is used by computer programs that send and receive sstv, rtty, cw, psk31 and various other digital modes entirely in software. Nbf packet radio program for 32bit windows platforms. Digimodes, cw, sstv, packet, log, cat, callbook, qslprint share. Jackaudio is a virtual audio software cable that run on windows linux and macos and if free to download and to use.

Many of them have been supplanted by newer, better applications or have very limited use if you are interested having a particular application packaged, please add your name to. Ham radio deluxe software radio amateurs best asset. Originally made by oz1pif, peter, and have bin working now for many years here in my shack, on yeasu ft817, yeasu ft847 and an old ft757 with no problem. The setup interface exchange dll channel option selects used channel of dxsoftex. Your computer and a rigblaster take the place of the older expensive adapters or tncs. Among digital ways of transfer to which concerns also cw, are available rtty, amtor, sstv, and recently also fax and packet radio. Welcome to my personal page,website about radio amateur digital modes since 1999. Fldigi and nbems for vhf operations software agwpe good for short text messages for vhf nets use mt632000 1 2 3. Digital master is capable of a wide range of digital modes, including cw, rtty, sstv, psk31, mt63, and more.

This circuit may also be used for rtty and psk31 applications. The cables from the interface box to the transceiver is 0. Take a look at the black cat systems usb icom civ interface note that this. A builtin computer sound card may not be stable enough for sstv. Rtty software, digital mode ham radio amtor, psk31, ax25. Software cd this free cd contains several of the most popular pc programs for the most popular modes including psk31, ft8, jt65, sstv, mt63, cw, rtty and packet. The complete tigertronics web site, which includes extensive support. Compare different receiving programs quantitatively. Multimode software category is a curation of 25 web resources on, mshv, wsjt, gmfsk. Software for other modes can be downloaded from our signalink software page.

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