100 lb gloss book with aqueous coating solution

Pledgers will receive a 24 x 36 full color poster printed on 100 lb gloss book with aqueous coating. This glossy, thick card stock has an additional layer of high gloss uv. I and can be used as a spot covering to accent a particular image on the sheet or as an overall flood coating. Often you will find that the higher the stocks gloss, the higher the gloss of the finished coated job. Uv coating, often called liquid lamination, is a great addition for added pop and. This xerox bold coated gloss digital printing paper boasts a bright white color, creating a perfect background for crisp, detailed color photos that stand out on the page. The semi gloss aq coating is available to give you a coating. This clear coating is used for any project that requires a more durable finish, providing a high gloss surface which protects the surface from.

Our trifold brochure printing services leave an impression where it matters most. Our dullmatte cover is a thick 9pt cover stock with a smooth, nonshiny coating. This paper is a high quality, lightweight matte stock that is 50% recycled. Clubcard printing 16 point card stock with uv high gloss or matte aqueous coating clubcard tv. The printing and distribution of datasheets are an efficient and effective. Learn the differences in paper from offset, text, cover, supreme gloss, elite gloss. Usually this is done within a few hours, but on rare occasions it can take up to 24 hours to complete the deployment.

This ultrapremium uncoated nonglossy white stock is guaranteed safe for. Fill out this form and get a custom printing quote within two business days. Our custom brochures and printed flyers are printed full color single or double sided on 80lb gloss book with aqueous coating. Even though protection may be necessary on a marketing piece it is often overlooked. We customize and commercially print highquality brochures. Aqueous coating aqueous coating is a clear, fastdrying waterbased coating that is used to protect printed pieces. From special sizes to custom paper stocks, we offer a lot more than listed on our website. Film coating of tablets is a multivariate process, with many different factors, such as coating equipment, process conditions, composition of the core tablets, shape of tablets, coating liquid, etc. Create a captivating brochure that brings attention to your product or business. A glossy paper similar to a page of a quality magazine. Many recycled paper varieties from partial to 100% post consumer waste.

These waterbased polymers cost less than their uv counterparts. It is a process that the oil being widely distributed on the printed surface. If you need advice we will help you to find the perfect solution for your printing project. May 16, 2012 100lb glossy aq coating vertical thinking product video. Highgloss resin coating for the look and feel of a traditional photograph.

We offer clients the most comprehensive line of services and products on our easy to use website,combined with outstanding customer support and industry leading turnaround times. Your domain has been successfully pointed to our servers and we are now deploying your site. High quality business card printing solution company ztoone. Gloss cover with protective highgloss uv coating and 100lb. Job requirements amount of ink coating, press speed, paper hold out have exceeded dryer capacity. The team at alphagraphics is made up of experienced marketing professionals, which means youll get custom solutions backed by a high level of expertise.

Shanghai box packing solution team is a professional and reliable china manufacturer of aq coating and varnishing on printed papers. Successful print marketing campaigns know that brochures are a sure fire way to bring in lasting business. Less susceptible to cracking ink is thin and flexible, and may be less prone to cracking in high coverage folds. Prisco aqueous coatings are available in a number of high gloss, satin, and matte finishes. With options for trifold, zfold, and double gatefolds, and finishes in 70 lb gloss book, and 100 lb uv or aqueous coating, you can rest easy knowing that your investment is being printed on the most durable paper available. Posters 24x36 70 lb gloss book with aqueous coating 40. Which paper to use for brochures, postcards, and catalogs. Its the most commonly used as house stock at many print shops throughout united states. Oct 09, 2014 aqueous and uv coatings we offer matte and gloss uv, as well as softtouch, gloss, and satin aqueous for our offset printed products.

The specially formulated coating runs smoothly through your digital printing machines, and the 100 pound cover delivers strength and durability. We offer a variety of brochure printing options and custom flyer sizes. Demand attention with printed flyers and custom brochures. Select from a variety of popular folding options and sizes.

Get free aqueous coating or an optional uv coating to add greater protection for. While this is not a complete list of cover stocks available, here is a list of the more popular. Trifold and bifold brochures are the perfect solution for companies operating on a smaller budget. Gloss cover paper stocks will be printed digitally with no coating. It provides a high gloss or matte surface that deters dirt and fingerprints. Highquality,fullcolor offset and digital printing on multiple paper stocks and in various sizes. This brochure is 100lb gloss book with aqueous coating printed by primoprint. Its an easy way to look professional and get instant attention. Aqueous coating improves the durability of postcards and other printed pieces as they go through the mail, and protects business cards as they are. Do you need quality color printing services in a pinch. Exclusive discounts and special attention for registered nonprofits.

Aqueous coating shanghai box packing solution team. When you choose offset printing for your brochures, this paper stock comes with glossy aqueous coating for a nice finishing touch. Brochures are containing important information about services, products, locations, events and much more other information a usual consumer wants to know about companies, concerts, products, etc. If you are an individual or a corporation, a portion of all sales go to charity. A lightweight gloss stock with an aqueous coating perfect for unaddressed mail and handouts. The coating is comparable to very fine, smooth white clay that fills in the. Aqueous coating of oral solid dosage forms has rapidly replaced solventbased coating for safety, environmental and economic reasons. With over 100 technical field representatives throughout north america, prisco is well positioned to provide onsite support for all coating products. Uv coating is a clear liquid spread over the paper like ink and then cured instantly with ultraviolet light. This paper stock is a thick, high quality stock that is glossy on both sides.

Aqueous coating, spot varnish and uv coating for printing. Dull or matte varnish and dull or matte aqueous coating are. You may unsubscribe via the link found at the bottom of every email. Shop staples for xerox bold coated gloss digital printing.

It is coated on both sides with aqueous coating and is often used for catalogs and door hangers. Paper coating types paper coatings uv, aqueous and varnish coatings used in commercial printing. Extend your posters lifespan by adding a durable aqueous coating. This book was written primarily for the commercial or. This favored stock has a beautiful sheen that protects your product from damage and makes colors appear lively and bright. Choose from a variety of sizes and folding options. Whether its applied by a printer or a finisher, the right protective coating or laminate can keep your printing project looking professional. Color copy gloss pure white card stock 8 12 x 11 in 100 lb cover glossy c2s 250 per package. We deliver creative marketing solutions, and help your brand and business grow. Due to high usage of 100 lb paper, price of this paper is lower than many quality papers within the family of glossy coated papers. Blazer digital gloss, 100 pound 100lb text paper, 148 gsm 12x18 inch, 12 by 18 inch white color, 92 brightness, 500 sheets. Brochures are stylish and cheap to print as compared to postcards or posters. Well even work with you to deliver color printing services that align perfectly with all of your current and future marketing efforts.

Uv coating gives more protection and sheen than either varnish or aqueous coating. Trifold brochures 100lb gloss book thickest florida print. Printed with a protective aq coating enhancing the look and adds protection. We specialize in catalog printing, brochures, flyers, magazine printing, banners, banner stands, trade show displays, posters, window perforated signs, step and repeat banners, and. Of course, you can have a full color print with anything you want on it. Our 100lb gloss book with satin coating brochures and flyers are printed full color single or doublesided. Clubcard printing 16 point card stock with uv high gloss or matte aqueous coating clubcard tv duration. Usa printing, 7925 santa monica blvd, west hollywood, ca, 90046, permission to email you. Available in a variety of dimensions and fold options. Printing paper types descriptions for commercial printing. If you want a special size, please enter your dimensions here, e. Color copy gloss pure white card stock 8 12 x 11 in 100 lb. Choose from a variety of folding options and sizes.

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